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Toothed radiator

2020-09-22 10:14:57


Toothed radiator
The advantages of using the spatula technology to produce a radiator have the following aspects:
(1) Spatula radiators have higher fin density, improve heat dissipation area, and improve heat dissipation performance;
(2) The blade height of the shovel gear radiator can reach 120mm, fully meeting the production requirements of most radiators;
(3) The tooth blade of the shovel tooth radiator can be made thinner, generally can be 1.5mm or even 1.0mm, so that the radiator can be more lightweight;
(4) shovel teeth of the radiator in the original profile shovel up, so the heat dissipation efficiency is lossless, to achieve the original profile of 100% heat dissipation efficiency, and will not appear loose fall off risk, improve the reliability of the machine operation;
(5) Shovel gear radiator compatibility is high, the possibility of post-processing is also large, can also cooperate with buried copper tube and other processes to improve the heat dissipation performance;
(6) Shovel gear radiator capacity is high, the processing cost is easy to control, suitable for mass production.

Ziyun is an excellent radiator manufacturer in China. Its self-developed high-power gear scraper process is widely used in the production of high-power radiators. Its products are used in photovoltaic inverter, wind energy converter, power battery pack heat dissipation of new energy vehicles, etc.
In terms of production capacity, Ziyun has a number of large spatula gear machine tools to meet the production of large quantities of radiators, the delivery date is guaranteed. In terms of technical personnel, Ziyun has a large number of mature processing technical engineers to ensure the production quality of spatula gear radiators.

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